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  1. Hi I'm Sophie I'm from the UK think that makes my time zone sl + 8 I think. Any way I'm looking for a BDSM sister preferably the UK time zone I'm mid 40s woman .Hopefully someone out there. it's terribly lonely in my corner of sl xxxx
  2. I've been away for a long time I was a member of a bloodline vampire clan I was a blood doll I came back and everything had gone clan land castle the lot. Is bloodlines still as popular as it was I would like to find another one but this is proving rather difficult does any one know of any looking for new members ? Xxx
  3. Hi I'm Sophie mid 40's UK pre-op transsexual looking for a relationship either vanilla or BDSM with me as the sub I would be willing to join a family actually quite like that idea . It would be great if I could meet another UK girl but some one in my time zone would be cool so UK or euro but must speak English fingers crossed hopefully someone will come along ? Thanks Love Sophie xxx
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