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    Support Email

    I may try again soon, I just need to try to remember more info on my account, last time I looked at my info was 9 years ago
  2. Ovan Jinx

    Support Email

    Their one's told me my Info don't match and closed the support case and said to make a new account to day. so my 9-year-old account is gone
  3. Ovan Jinx

    Support Email

    yeah, I answer both they said it did not match, I was just playing on Aug 26/2017 then I log off restart the game, The remember me for username and password stopped working on me when I try logging back on, that when I got locked out. I was logged on to the main web page on the same day. they need to make it if you get locked out, have the I for got my password reset your PW and unlock it the same time.
  4. Ovan Jinx

    Support Email

    This is the First time log on to the community page on 5/25/2017, the only time I use community sites for Info or Support Info. This is my Account it linked to my Email.
  5. Ovan Jinx

    Support Email

    I told them and they tell me, "it does not match" for both, I know what country and state I made it in and log in, the only thing I did not give them is the IP address. I still don't know way my PW stop working, I use the remember username and PW.
  6. Ovan Jinx

    Support Email

    I log off Second life, try logging back on and my account got locked after try to log on so many time, I email support for Second Life, the community site only thing, I am still log on to I have not log off. they asking me What is the geographic location you registered the account from (City, State/Province, Country)? What is the geographic location you last logged into the account from (City, State/Province, Country)? any one know what they're asking? if is it the IP location?
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