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  1. yes, have found such an online tracker and tried for 2 days. He was online, I didn't write him..I wanted but couldnt. Is there also a tracker which say where he is located? Would like to appear there and see if he speaks to me.
  2. that's sad It hurts and I still suffer. I have found his resident name under chat history, do not know now whether I should write him or not. Im afraid.. I'm just too naive
  3. I'm sorry that I said this to Awin, l take it back. I dont want someone to feel like this and get hurt. I know how it is and you're right, I need time until I get over him, Im really sorry.
  4. And what has now my name to do with it? you're really naughty. Hope you come to my situation and gets really hurt, just because you can deal with the situation well and you can make fun of others and you dont have human feelings., doesnt mean others have no feelings. I am a human with feeling and can get hurt, unfortunately, not like you
  5. I just want to ask why he does not want to contact me any more. Just to disappear is not fair and I have also deserved an explanation. It is not easy to forget someone
  6. I'm not stalking him, how? I have no contact information. I only wish to see him again and to talk to him. I know I have to forget him, but I hope he reads it and makes contact with me again.
  7. thank you Madelaine, hugs. Yes you are absolutely right, but I'm very much in love and I'm very sad. He is no longer in my friendlist and I see in the chatlogs nothing. He has disappeared as if he had never existed. I go a lot in the place when we met and wait for him, he just doesnt come. Have the feeling that I die soon, it does hurt so much not to see him anymore and talk to him. I dont know what to do. I've been waiting for him since june, how can I reach him? Is there any way an app where you can see if the person was online and what time?
  8. We already know each other for 6 months and have met almost every day. How can it be that he just disappears without saying reason? it hurts
  9. sorry for my english I miss someone from second life, i dont remember his resident name only his avatar name, james. I havent seen him since june. He was always online and we met almost every day in secondlife in a place. I regret that i didnt ask him for his private number and I really miss him. He promised me always to be there. But he dissapeared How can I find him?How to know if the person was online but appear offline? thanks for help Boragirl
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