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    Problem regarding billing

    I have previously tried to use paypal and a credit card however I receive the same notifications.
  2. Oriio

    Problem regarding billing

    I am using my debit card.
  3. So I have been out of country for quite some time due to work and recently wanted to purchase a region and some items on the market place. For the first few weeks I was out of country purchasing items was completely fine and went through perfectly. However now when I attempt to purchase I receive this notification. There was a problem charging your payment method. Afterwards I receive an email saying my payment failed and nothing has been charged. I spoke to my bank and they say they have received no requests from linden labs to withdraw funds for payments. Which had me contacting support for them to let me know they had no idea what was causing this issue either. My internet speed is around 3-5mbs a second, and I say this just in case the issue stems from a possible time out period when attempting to purchase. I would just like anyone's suggestion(s) as to what could cause such an odd issue.
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