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  1. Calling SL billing today, wish me luck.
  2. Just got this. Premium Membership (Monthly) - Failed Back to square one I guess.
  3. I tried going to a premium region, didn't work. Tried getting my 512 Linden Home, it brought up an upgrade screen. Everything else I just cant do.
  4. I called the bank on my phone and listened to the recent activity. The 9.50 went through along with the 1 dollar verification.
  5. So what can I do? Just wait it out. idk but I think maybe it could take up to 24 hours to do it.
  6. Called and theres no support available. Must have to call on a weekday.
  7. So about 3 pm eastern time yesterday I purchased Premium. It went through, charged the 9.50. When I look at Account History I see. Premium Membership (Monthly) $9.50 But when I go to Account Summary it still says Your current plan: Basic Membership It's been hours (9 am now). Should I just wait longer?
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