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  1. Yeah, I've gone back and forth on adopting multiple modes of transportation. I'm aware of the Railroad and I may hit the tracks too. Thanks for the suggestion! It's really mostly about exploring via established transportation routes so the RR seems like a natural choice too.
  2. Hey all, I am back from a many years break on SL with a new account. I've always loved Mainland and it's craziness and while I've started setting up a shop on my dinky little 512 I've elected to forgo a traditional home. Instead, I've bought a old station wagon with enough room to plop a mattress in the back. I want to drive my way through some of the mainland and start a little public travel journal! Since I'm renting a small spot in a parking lot at the Flamingo Court Motel on Heterocera, why not start there? Anyone know of some drivable places I should be stopping along the way or places I could plonk my car down for a week as I make my way through? I'm willing to pay rent and will need 40 prims for the car and mattress, but 50 can allow me to rez a chair and bucket of beer. Once I'm finished I'd love to ferry over to Sansara and start again. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions!
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