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  1. Hi there! Are you a social butterfly? Have you been told you have an awesome sense of humor? Can you entertain a crowd with fun banter? CAN you stand on your head? Maybe you're musically inclined and you can lay down the moshy and play that rockin' music 'til ya die? If so, we want YOU! Filth Rock Club is currently hiring hosts and hostesses! Experience is preferred, but not required. Also hiring experienced DJs. We are a newer rock club and we're doing great, but we need you to help us make it even better. We are currently seeking active types that can at least work two, two hour shifts a week, and we have a few shifts available, so we can definitely find something that works for you! Come join one of the fastest growing, chilled out, laid back and definitely most rocking teams in SL! Bonus points if you're a hostie! Contact Sixx Durden (alecsharpe resident) (Owner) or Sarai MacKelter (SaraiLaFleur resident) (GM) for all the Filthy details! Where to find us: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/OurLove/36/202/3000 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/filthrockclub/
  2. Yay! Thanks, y'all. I will definitely be going to check those places out!
  3. Ooooh Thank you!!! You're a peach! Thank you so much!
  4. Hey all, As you can probably see, I've never posted in the forums before so if this is out of place....I'm REALLY sorry and I'll try to ask in the right place next time. Anyway, I've recently started getting into sl photography and a lot of my work has been done in my personal studio at home, though I have been going out to different sims lately as well. What I am trying to find is a city type sim that would fit an action theme. I'm not looking for anything post apocalyptic, and it seems that when I DO find something that works, it's a role play sim and honestly, I don't want to rp. I just wanna do my shoot and move on. I was wondering if any of you amazing graphic beasts might have any suggestions on where I can go before I give up completely and build my own set? I'd rather not build my own because I'd like to start adding the slurl to my pics. Thanks in advance.
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