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  1. Mini blind for my house Several months ago. Recently I installed as mini- blind on one of my windows. the problem I'm having is that it cannot be Manipulated or edited And It cannot be removed from the window. Every time you try to go into it to remove it Or change it The entire house lights up instead. I have tried everything 2 Get rid of this mini blind. Even if it says You can change it all the buttons are grayed out For anything That has an option. I am considering Abandoning the house because I don't like that look.
  2. I recently bought a boat, a large one and I need to know a location in SL that I can float my boat? I location called Blake Sea but the owner of eithet the water or the dock did not allow rezzing. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. I don't know if I am doing this right......i want to thank Tallgur for her excellent instructions for placing objects in my home. It worked perfectly! And to Rolig Loon, thank you for the advice about Caledon Oxbridge University, I will absolutely utilize it!
  4. I am a new premium member and have been having problems with object placement in my house. Sometimes furniture or other objects appear from my inventory upside down or facing the wrong way and I have no idea how to manipulate them to put them in the right order in my home. I would appreciate any help or ideas of how to learn.
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