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  1. Lafourche Crossing is both crime and family friendly. With this slight shift in genre, Lafourche Crossing is looking to fill a few leadership positions to dedicated roleplayers. The links above can answer most of your questions, but if there is information we have left out please reach out to us Jeremiah Xuanzang Amira Moore Giovanna Mapochi
  2. Lafourche Crossing is a modern Para RP sim consisting of 3 Full Regions and 1 Homestead with a functional, player database, and script driven police, fire, medical, and civil services departments. As well, a real-time weather HUD - helps add to the immersion. There are private/official businesses locations and residential rentals available for roleplayers, as well as open leadership opportunities for active, dedicated players. Finally, with the second annual HURRICANE (Beginning June 29th), Lafourche Crossing is entering Chapter 2 of our story, The Curse & the Veil, bringing Magic
  3. Lafourche Crossing is a paragraph roleplay community within Second Life. The stories our players write together take place in the fictional Lafourche Crossing Louisiana, a small town nestled within the swamps of the south-eastern United States. Let the mystery of the Louisiana Bayou draw you in and immerse yourself in this evolving story. WEBSITE: http://lafourchecrossing-rp.com/ NEWS: http://news.lafourchecrossing-rp.com/ ============================== Lafourche Crossing is a 4-sim roleplay experience set in modern day Louisiana. SIM LANDING POINT: http://maps.seco
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