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  1. All right thanks deleting now, been asleep
  2. @Syo Emerald but what if the person tp's to me on a public sim and speaks to me and my friend in public/nearby chat in a cruel or otherwise demeaning manner is it okay to share that on my profile as warning to my friends that this person may be trying to stir up trouble for me, I mean since it was in a public area and they didn't bother using privet chat to call me and my friend things like Wh*re or C**t Etc, does the TOS protect their right to slander me and my friend publically just cause they feel like trying to cause pain or is it fair game to share my Nearby/public chat... i must admit that if sharing public chat that directly involves me breaches the TOS I have a bit of deleting to do and I apologise but only if I'm breaching the TOS PS: not trying to be snide or sarcastic I genuinely want to know where this stands in regards to the TOS
  3. Probably right thanks all, you have helped me to fell a bit better about the situation I'm not sure but I don't really think I have done anything worth banning so all should be fine I did share some of the words that one of the offenders used in nearby chat on my profile but only what was said in public nothing that was in privet chat and I only listed a few of the individual words and slurs they threw around out of context but I plan to delete that as soon as possible to avoid any further drama not really looking to stir up trouble I just realized how low they were willing to stoop when I was followed to an entirely different sim by one of them who continued to Barrage me and my friend with insults there and wanted my friends to know what sort of people they were before they were able to spread any lies and compromise my friendships basically call me what you will my friends are all that matters to me
  4. well mainly because I met Mars bracken today who personally invited me to a BL event which I was really looking forward to and is happening as we speak I'm not really pissed off just this particular nuance doesn't seem very fair to me when all Linden Labs would need to do to see I'm telling the truth is check maybe all of 10 minutes of chat logs probably not even 10 minutes probably less as I said I'm not really mad or trying to be snide I'm just a bit annoyed that I got punished for doing the right thing I mean sure I'll wait but I don't see why I was suspended in the first place unless the other party filed false claims against me which I suppose is a possibility but thanks for speaking to me about it i know your probably busy just helps to talk sometimes
  5. so other than a help ticket how can i dispute being suspended i have been being harassed by a woman and her so called friends whom i think are actually her alts every since yesterday when one of them called a friend of mine some pretty harsh things and when i went there to ask about it i was met with hostility slurs and greifing i reported them both and included the chatlogs in the report i was even greifed out of the region by animated prims and then followed to an entirely different sim by one of these persons where she continued calling both me and my friend many different things which i did not see cause i had her blocked but i could see her typing and asked my friend what she said after all of this and trying to do the right thing by standing up for my friend and reporting them and yet somehow im the one who winds up being suspended till tomorrow
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