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  1. and the fact its only also giving me the option to use my card not the actuall cash in the account-_-
  2. The moneys already on the account how long is the bloody verification-_-... ive waited for three days and didnt want to add my bank account and its forcing me to so im relatively unhappy and probably will never buy linden again after this issue.
  3. Why do we have to have a card so badly with Paypal even though its already got money on the located account? cant we just Use the Money already on the account instead of the card?
  4. EVen tho i have money inside my account already i need a card to pay ***** ? Excuse my language but this system needs to be updated and or proofed; Because you shouldnt need a card for everything to be able to buy ***** what if you only have money on your account for things you want like paypal and such? i have a kinda right to be abit angry with this because some of us only have so much money to live on
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