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  1. I am looking for a family or someone who will let me in the game. I found it and I read through the website buuut it seems to be only invite only game. If anyone is willing to take me under their wings or talons I would love to get in on this fun game!
  2. Hi! Im super new in sl but I am a trend, shopping and computer geek so I have already made the perfect avi with mesh! I am just looking for someone who wouldn't mind just being my best friend and also hangout with me. Yes I understand sex is a option within a relationship which is all good. But I am looking for a partner and not a object to ***** to. This will be a connection and not just a desire kind of thing with that said I would like a relationship that also leaks into real life sooo voice, skype, kik or texting. This can be long distance and in time maybe it will turn out to be more. I am a college student who suffers from depression and anxiety soooo right off the bat you got to be understanding with me. This can be female or male and open minded to geeky stuff such as anime, drawing, reading blah blah blah TALK NERDY TO ME! So if you feel that you fit the bill come on and message me INWORLD PLEASE! or if you have a kik my name is geekmeow. I guess that is it sooo yeah so long as your very attentive and cling to me I will cling to you just as hard! Oh if your a game with twitch that is also a pluse I LOVE WATCHING LETS PLAYS!
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