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  1. Hi all I am new to the community and looking for family oriented friends, events, and activities. I am a happily married stay at home mom in RL, as well as a mother in SL. I also love animals and have lots of pets IRL. I am not looking for romance, but I would love to meet other moms & dads or just laid back people to hang out with and talk about family life, babies, pets, movies or books etc. I'm really shy IRL (not to mention stuck at home with a baby and another on the way lol) and it's hard for me to break out of my shell and spend the time needed to make connections so that's why I'm trying here. I'm not really into the dancing/clubbing scene, and keep my settings on General/Moderate. Whether you want to talk about our RP babies (I have both an enigma and a zooby--having newborns so close in age but not twins is a medical/second life miracle lol), grab a coffee, go to a park, or visit events, or just hang out in a pub and talk about RL, that's cool too. Please IM or NC me My hours are erratic, and sometimes I leave the room while still logged in, so if I don't respond right away please do not be upset. Through the week I'm often on during the 9am-12pm SLT span. Weekends I'm often on around 6 pm SLT until 8 or 9 pm SLT.
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