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  1. Greetings, I don't know if I am the only one with this bug.

    Each time I use the SL map from Firestorm and zoom out it disappears completely so you only see water. I can remember it didn't happen to me let's say, one year ago. So it must be a bug from recent versions of the viewers (or maybe misconfiguration).

    I'd like to know if it also happens to anyone and also if someone has any advice on how I could fix it.


  2. 4 hours ago, Vanity Fair said:

    The two mist popular male mesh bodies are Belleza Jake and Signature Gianni. They have the best support from clothing designers. You can use any Bento mesh head you want with them; many users prefer Catwa. 

    Thank you! although they don't have reviews about Belleza Jake :/

    I will investigate.

  3. Wow! You girls are a blessing from heaven! lol  Thank you very much, now you've answered many questions in one. I had some ideas, as you said, like RL it happens,  but I was not sure, now I got it all more clear. So I'm gonna prepare my plan of attack :D Thank you again.

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  4. Well I need some help with this hehe
    How do you start a sex roleplay session (girls call it "sexy time" I guess) with a girl that never had sex before in RL, in other words, a virgin .
    She's 23 yo, I've been dating her for about one year, and seriously when she made this confession to me I did not believe her at the beginning but then we got closer, I knew many things about her, she's quite shy  and now I think it's all true.
    She' doesn't want to go on voice, or cam, (but she once sent a picture of her to me) so all we got is... let me see ... err... ummmm... a keyboard :(
    I got some experience, but, this is special, and I want it to be special for her too... I need to be gentle and take the first step.

    So how, what, when, where :$ ... HELP!!! lol
    Thanks all.

    PS: I'd prefer to know girls opinion.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cindy Evanier said:

    Check your email on  secondlife.com  is verified. Go to  secondlife.com - account - change email - and check it's correct there and there isn't a request to verify it

    Fast and effective. Thank you.

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  6. Hello people.
    So my problem is that I don't receive offline ims anymore. When I checked my config options I found what the attached snapshot shows.
    Please could anyone explain me what is happening here?
    So is there any way to fix/activate that option again? I did never uncheck that option.
    I got Firestorm 4.5.0


  7. 2 hours ago, Lillith Hapmouche said:

    SL is not a game and isn't even remotely close to a (more or less) polished and optimized game engine, that's one major difference.
    You may consider it as a big sandbox environment at best completely filled with user created, unoptimized content.

    However, for most activities in SL, there is no need at all to have 60fps or more anyway.

    But most of all: You still haven't really answered Qie's request - what exactly constitutes as "lag" in your opinion?
    You just mention that "it happens" ... but what happens?

    ... bottom line: your setup isn't "high resources" either, though the 750ti should be fine for ALM ...

    Yes I think it was misunderstood perhaps, I wasn't talking about speed connection when I mentioned 'lag', I was talking about the gameplay, that sometimes fps go down even being at sims with no people.

  8. 9 hours ago, cykarushb said:

    Ive got an Athlon 5350, 750ti and 16gb of DDR3 and SL still runs for me at around 20-30fps in 1080p on general medium/high settings.

    The big FPS killer is Advance lighting, transparent water, advance shaders, etc

    I usually play with a draw distance of 64 unless im in more open spaces, and i keep ALM off unless in more basic places like Social Island where i can run with ALM on and hold 30fps.

    But places like New Citizens Incorporated where you got a lot of people condensed into a small area, i keep ALM settings off because otherwise i drop down to 10fps.


    That was the answer I was waiting for :D now I understand what elements are the reason of lag.

    With a PC like yours you could run GTA V without trouble, but SL lag will continue O.o

    And yeah I got the point that connection speed is important too. it's old so I think it's time to renew it.




  9. 3 hours ago, Qie Niangao said:

    That's not that bad a hardware configuration, really. (The amount of memory on the video card won't help SL as much as you might expect, but that's neither here nor there.) In any case, it should be pretty comfortable "between mid and high" graphics -- or better, depending what's in scene and you consider "smooth gameplay."

    So can we quantify this lag? What viewer frames-per-second are you getting? Is that what feels slow to you?

    Also can you describe your network setup? This can cause delays in content delivery, object updates, teleporting... really, many times that SL hits the network much harder than other applications and games. If by any chance you're using a wireless router more than a couple years old, that could be a pain point.

    Meanwhile, you might try reducing the draw distance and see if it helps.

    I've noticed that it happens each time that I log in for the first time in a day.

    Of course it's not the same, if you have 30+ people in a sim, or just 2.

    And about fps I'm not sure, didn't pay attention to that detail. But I play mmorpgs and the lag level I talk about (making a comparison) may be around 15-20 fps.

    And  I use to log in on my country's peak time I guess, my average connection gets a bit slow around 8-6 Mbps.

    So does it exist anything like an 'ideal' configuration for my specs?





  10. Hi there.
    Well here it is my problem, I use Firefox, I have an 8gb ram pc, i3 processor and 2gb nvidia 750ti, however SL gameplay goes slow sometimes, it rarely crashes though. My configuration is not so high, I have graphic options between mid and high only.
    I hoped that having 8gb ram and 2gb vram card would be enough to have a smooth gameplay.
    So could you suggest any type of configuration for graphic options or something to avoid lag?



  11. Thanks for advices guys. So two conclusions:First, purchasing a complete bento shape is a scam/not necessary.

    Second my avatar can look nice with the same shape and a Bento head, as long as it's compatible with my shape.

    So... will it take too much time to customize the new head, hands, etc? Don't you need builder skills in order to get good results?

    Thank you again.

  12. Hi there guys. I purchased my shape around 1 year ago. I've read the advantages of new Bento shapes, but I don't want to buy another shape because I'd lose my "identity" hehe. And the most attractive feature of Bento shapes for me is finger movement :D So what do you suggest? Would I buy bento hands? or would I buy a new shape anyway. Thank you!

  13. It's because we are unable to close threads once they get solved/sufficiently replied.

    That explains why girls that opened a thread looking for friends on 2010 are still receiving tons of ims from unknown people.

    It's time to buy some padlocks, admins.


  14. I've read words "submissive" "enslavement" "bondage" on 75% of profiles, the most of them were girls. I don't like bdsm or submission (but I would try it in sl by curiosity).
    So how would a guy or a girl choose to be submissive? Why do you find so attractive that kind of roleplay?


  15. On 29/4/2017 at 0:09 PM, Audra Miles said:

    Hi, I have recently become a mermaid again and I really want to meet more mermaids/mermen community of them but I just can't seem to find any place and there appears to be only a few underwater locations but empty ones. Does anyone know of any good locations where a mermaid community hangs out? Thanks.

    Hello :) I know a place, it's called Artemisia Island:

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Artemisia Island/128/128/0

    I've found sea creatures who use to roleplay. I use to visit the place because of the mermaids hehehe :D

    Have fun. Hope it helps :)

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