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  1. Hi! I am looking to have a family of my own or to become a part of an existing one. I find that everyone has more fun when they are surrounded by friends. I like the thought of taking care of children, going fishing with dad, or going shopping with a sibling or mother. I would like to have cook outs and bonfires, a day at the beach, playing games like greedy or simopolis. Just some ideas thrown out there. I can be a part of a family large or small. If anyone is looking for an adult child or looking to become a child themselves then please let me know. We can hang out and see if things click. I have my own place so I am not looking to live with anyone unless it is part of the role play. Role play families I'd become a part of is, a Casual Family, Vampire, Pagan/Witches, Medieval, or Gor. Again just IM me or contact me here if interested! Thanks
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