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  1. in teoria ho visto che era solo una settimana per aspettare di vendere i Lindens in Dollari infatti io ho fatto una settimana fa una transazione comprando Lindens e agganciando il mio paypall all account ora posso vendere i lindens in dollari infatti li ho venduti ora ho xxx Lindens e xxx Dollars la cosa che voglio fare e' portare i miei dollari sul mio conto paypall ora :-) Ma il sistema mi dice che ho superato payout limits infatti guardando la lista posso comprare vendere lindens in dollar ma non posso accreditarli a paypall limite e' 0 Alessia
  2. oki, sorry can you re give me the link? ok, scusate, potete ridarmi il link? :-) grazie Ale
  3. Sorry i can uderstand all :-) im from Italy :-) Can you explain better? Ive connected my paypall with second life ive done a buy transaction last week. now i sell my lindens ive in my account xxxx Dollars how can i make a transaction to my paypall? and convert so realy my dollars in second life? i can pay a fee, no problem, but ihow can i do it? thanks Alessia
  4. hi , i ve trasfrom my L$ in Dollars Ive add paypall account to my avi. How can i send that dollars on my paypall ? thanks Alessia
  5. oki :-) take note :-) sorry :-) But i think is not explain easy.... ive to understand the fact on a youtube video. And some question and answer talk about second life maybee 3 / 5 years ago but Ok :-)
  6. I, im Alessia fro mIlan, italy. Ive erarned some Lindens that i want to change in current dollars or bitcoin. when i log on portal i can only buy Lindens but not sell. i ve free account. ive just done a transaction to buy lindens with my paypall but when i try to sell my lindens, i can't becouse of limit 0 Dollars! transaction. some one can explain better whats the problem? i've buy lindens i've connected second Life to mypaypall. But everytime a message error told me i cant sell my Linden thanks Alessia
  7. Ive link second life with my paypall account, i buy 2500 L$ . but i cant sell Lindens :-(
  8. Hi, i've no an account premium, just free, ive earn some Lindens and want exchange in Dollars. I've a paypall account. But when in Linde Exchange try to sell, a message tell me that i cant because my trade limit is set to 0 $. I try to change limit but i cant i try to ask if trade limit can be change, no respons. How can i try to traslate my Lindens in real Dollars and put on my paypall? Thanks :-) Alessia
  9. i'm new in SL, maybee someone can know how to know that. yes other tell me that i can do nothing but ORGASMS is the first place mentioned in destinations it's not normal that a land in first position and soo sponsored by SL, can do that
  10. it's not right! This Land is open and mentioned in adult content destinations, so it cant be private, or private with rules. it's Bad that i'm banned withot a reason ....
  11. It's not right, that a place mentioned in second life's destinations can do what it want. Second Life have to control this Land, the Moderator or who works for ORGASMS Land cant ban a person without a reason. The people work for Second Life must tell me why it can be happen. it's not justice. sorry for my eng i'm italian :-)
  12. Someone banned me from Orgasms (Maybee Moderator or Second Life some algoritm or something else), i do not nothing, there are a lot of escort , and so on and i dont know why banned from Orgasms . I want to know! there is a member that know moderator? or an help? thanks Alessia
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