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  1. Greeting and welcome to second life. There is other ways to make linden then being a escorting. There serve ways to make living on SL. Ways to make Linden Dollars The Linden Dollar (L$) is Second Life's currency. Real-life money can be exchanged for L$ (keep reading!). Here are some of the more popular (not the only) ways to make L$ in Second Life Receive your weekly Premium Account stipend - Learn more Buy L$ on LindeX Play linden earning games - Land owners enable players to earn linden by hunting for coins and gems, fishing and other games Get a job - A diverse variety is available, and includes: Buy and sell land - Virtual real estate Create and sell content - Clothing, gadgets, etc. Participate in referrer/affiliate programs - Verify they're legit Host and perform at events - Gameshows, rock concerts, etc. Sell information - Write/proofread manuals, provide consulting, teach classes — Torley did this Win prizes at events - By playing a game, luck, etc. Fill out surveys - Verify they're legit Sit on camping chairs (generally, a slow, ineffective, and likely net-loss process) In short, the breadth and depth of options is comparable to your first life. Perhaps even greater, because many things, like the cost of construction materials, are cheaper (prims are free!) in Second Life. A wise general principle: look for unmet wants & needs and fulfill them! If you do or learn valuable skills in real life, you may be able to profit from them here, since your abilities are transferable, e.g., if you're an art student, start sketching clothes. In addition, more well-established "real-world" companies like some of our Solution Providers are hiring for positions in Second Life. Roles like Community Manager, Virtual World Evangelist, and others are becoming more popular. Keep your eyes out for jobs that leverage Second Life's unique opportunities, and be aware that the skills you learn inworld could be useful outside of SL, too. And remember: Second Life, like soylent green, is made of people. REAL PEOPLE!!!! you can read rest of this on http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Making_money
  2. Right now I am using an 7 year old computer with AMD amd phenom ii and Geforce Gt 730. At times this computer lag like hell. And also I have to relog lot
  3. Greetings. This is my first post. Has anyone seem anime show call One Piece.one of my fav characters is Black leg's Sanji . or Vinsmoke Sanji . Looking for hair style that matches or closely matches Sanji hair.
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