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  1. In the product that I purchased, no where does it say the use of a vendor system. The description is small and very simple. If it had said use of vendor system I would not have purchased it.
  2. I left a review on two products after opening them and loving them and then I opened the ball game. That was a not so positive review but was far from negative. It had 4 stars. How can one spam someone if you purchase the item you have the right to review it? That is not spam.
  3. I am unsure of what exactly that means tho. As I have been to many places i.e. a bowling alley, where I had to grab a ball and did not have to give permission for them to have unlimited access to my money. Also with furniture where you may sit and read or drink a cup of coffee, they give you the item without having to give permission for them to take money from your account.
  4. That may be true as far as removing the option to show it but there are ways to remove the reviews which she did do. As a potential to customer to a shop I do look at reviews to see if the product is worth my money if there is no demo version available. There will always be some people who have negative things to say, I have seen some on the MP but it did not stop me from buying it as there were more positive reviews.
  5. I did and they were very positive. Complimenting on her textures and how they were made. But she has taken down all of my reviews.
  6. I did not think of that. Thank you so much for your reply. That helps out a lot.
  7. I do not mind being blocked from her store. I think the thing that really got me was how she responded. I can understand someone being a little upset that their product didn't get the best review. It was an honest review. I believe that if it involves gambling or the taking of my L$s then it should not be a children's toy. I get now why it says it but I still believe in what I said. They would get money for every point they scored but still it is promoting gambling with small children. There is nothing wrong with tip jars and other things that were mentioned above. The way this merchant handled it was completely uncalled for. She should not have said anything about my life. That has nothing to do with her shop or products. Not to mention that I purchased these items months ago before I even got pregnant with my twins and they were born on March 30th. The delay in response was proof that she does not pay attention to her store. If creators do not wish to have honest reviews and only wish to have good reviews then they should not have the review section available. That is like a movie getting a bad review and then banning people from coming to the show. Seems a bit silly to me.
  8. I am a Gacha MP resell merchant. Some items that I have are opened. I found that I do not like the item or it doesn't fit right. My question is when I move the folder over to the VMM instead of putting the hud with the item it tries to make separate stock folders for each. Saying that I have two in stock, when it is only one product and it's hud. How do I make them into one folder so that I can list them? I have tried several different ways and have been unable to do it.
  9. Removed her name from chat log. But will not remove what she said.
  10. There was nothing said bad in the review tho. It is my right to give my opinion on her product. I did leave great reviews and even with that one I gave her 4 stars. During that purchase I purchased like 15 of her items.
  11. So Creators have a place for reviews on their MP right? I purchased a product from a store and when I got it home and opened it, it asked me to give it access to my Linden balance so that it could take as much or as little as it chooses. I wrote a review that the product was well made but that I did not feel it, nor any object, in SL should have unlimited access to my money. That if it was for gambling purposes that would be different but it was a child's basketball game. With that being said I received a message from the creator.... : Congrats, you're banned in my store and totally blacklisted. I remove your rights to purchase product with me anymore. I don't like that nasty people like you to lie. : Get the life that you deserve now : How is this acceptable? Why would a merchant act this way? If there was an issue then she could have messaged me and I would have showed her what her product was doing. I was honest in my review. She did create a nice product and MY OPINION was what I put in the review. It was not nasty or told any lies. I would expect to see more professionalism from merchants but this one went a little far. But aren't reviews for OUR OPINIONS on their products? Is that not what SL put them there for? I am not going to lie about liking a product nor what that product does. It was a nice product but having access to my money was a no no for me especially with it being a children's toy. Shouldn't gambling be for adults and not children?
  12. Thank you everyone for the options you provided. I have a wonderful land owner and they banned them for me. He hasn't been back since.
  13. I have a person that is constantly trying to load my land several times a day. I have sent them a message telling them they have been banned and will be reported, I have banned them from my land by using my security orb, and I have even reported them. Is there a way to keep them from even entering my region? I am on a half sim so there is only one other resident on the land. They are doing this to annoy me and harass my husband and I. They have no payment info on file and they basically have no info filled out on their profile.
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