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  1. What I want, is to be able to pay in US$ instead of being forced to pay in €. I am simply looking at the exchange rate. All other issues such as VAT and fees are the same. The invoice gives an exchange rate that is favouring US$ much more than the normal bank exchange rate does. So even though they don't actually state their conversion fees, according to this invoice from today the dollar should be worth more than the euro, and that is a bit steep. My rl bank has an exchange rate today of 109.12 US$ to 100 €, and LL's rate in this example is 98.14 US$ to 100 €.
  2. Buying L$ from Europe: Why must I pay approximately 5 - 10% more, when buying L$ using €, than if I could use US$? Why can't I set US$ as my preferred currency, and then let my bank handle the exchange fees between € and US$?
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