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  1. I fixed the problem .... it was a windows compatibility problem with nvidia ... I installed an older version of windows and i installed the same version of nvidia .... everything works fine ... Thanks all for the help
  2. Hi guys, I just reinstalled a fresh copy of windows 10 on my laptop (asus ROG GL553VE) I installed all the manufacturer's drivers (including the Nvidia Video Card) when i try to run FireStorm with my Nvidia Card. It gives me this : https://gyazo.com/74c36cc62ecf4d87e2da4f248f22eab0 My Drivers are up to date 100%. I installed them 7 times already :)) My Nvidia Driver Version : https://gyazo.com/845eabe556c581ce643028aed127731f The Laptop has 2 video cards (Intel and Nvidia). I Can run Firestorm with no problem on Intel Card. I have this problem only on
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