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  1. I want to create a new "currency", more like arcade tickets really... where players can win tickets by playing games and then use those tickets to play more games. Those tickets would have no value outside of playing compatible games, and cannot be converted to L$ or real world money. I also want to allow a certain amount per day as a daily bonus in case you lose all your tickets, just wait until tomorrow, but I also want to give the option of buying more tickets using L$. This is like free-to-play games on mobile devices, you don't need to pay to play the game, but you can buy more in-game currency if you want, and it has no value outside of the game. My question revolves around the Terms Of Service, more specifically the Gambling and Skill gaming policies, I want to know if what I want to do is against the TOS and if so, how to fix it so it isn't? The games I plan on using could be luck or skill based.
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