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  1. Wondering where to get the eyes too. Got a ocelot in my inventory, but not using it until got the things that want for it first.
  2. Hmmmm.. Possible to ask what the AO and the hair is from the female then without starting a new thread?
  3. Tried out the AO AX-001, it isnt really that one.. Played around with it and checked the stands and flying and etc etc. Doest really match : /
  4. Know that the dance is from somewhere else. Only looking for the AO, not the dance.. Know too that the animation on the pillow is from the pillow itself and okey with that. Still just looking for the stand, fly, falling down, walk, etc etc. Not the dance or the animation on the pillow. Only the AO
  5. Seen someone else have it too, but didnt ask what the name was sadly enough
  6. Dont really think going around in the world and asking everyone if they have seen it around or got it.. Tried to ask too, but not getting a response back? Dont know how to ask either, got explaining what an AO is instead and not Russian. Dont know if translate gives 100% translate
  7. Dont know if any luck asking on the forums, but what is the AO called or where to get it?
  8. Forgot to add in. Looking for the AO too if anyone has it by chance or knows the creator or where to get it.
  9. Looking for creator willing to make 2 things from a video. Wanting the Strapped leggings and the hair. Tried to contact the creators of the hair, but they have told that they dont have it or that it isnt their style and told that they was gonna message back, but guessing they have better things to do or dont want to message a annoying person.. The creator of the strapped leggings havent responded and its been 6-7 months. The store cant be found whenever searched and online marketplace doesnt sell it anymore. Paying of course.
  10. Looking for a creator or what its called to make The hair and the strapped leggings from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVub9CIWG4E <- Paying of course. Dont know where to ask for a creator elsewhere, new to SL. Cant find the creators store that made the strapped leggings.. It just goes to "Land/Region doesnt exist" and the group or company that made the hair have told they dont have it or that it isnt their style and havent messaged back even when getting told they would but... Guessing they got something better to do.. And it cant be found in the store. Still dont know where to find any creators so just leaving a forum if interested...
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