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  1. Any tricks for aligning a multi part set of meshes together for linking? Take the M3 head for example. The jaws for the various mouth shapes are seperate meshes linked with the head, and all require perfect alignment to avoid gaps and seams. Yet I see no tools to make this easy, snapping just works on units and not to components like verts or edges.
  2. Right, so, I want to get started making animations and the like. I've got 3ds Max, I'm in the process of downloading DAZ. What I'm not seeing is anything on how to actually make animations except a lot of out of date material dating back years. The best I've been able to find is a "beta" bento skeleton download from back in december, which I've no idea if it's even useable or up to date. People who've posted that they are looking into find resources or creating resources have been incommunicado for months or more now. Does anyone know of where I might acquire useable resources for animation (and preferably, avatar) creation? Anything in any fileformat will help, I'm sure there is a way to pound it into a useable format through voodoo and dark computer magic. It'd be nice, if anyone from LL is readin this, if an official resources page for content creation could be put up, one with models and files compatible with modern 3d applications. The wiki pages are wildly out of date and there doesn't appear to be any post beta information on the bento skeleton. The "content creator" page that google pulls up for the official site just directs users to 3rd party groups.
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