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  1. Weird grief or just a bug?

    Ye, I already have filed a report, with extra details about what happens to the sim with the grief, in hopes that it's an exploit that can be patched out.
  2. Weird grief or just a bug?

    Just confirmed the griefer paid us a visit. Apparently it's been the same guy dedicating all his free time to ravaging all the furry sims in the same way. All day, every day. He's gone through nearly 6 alt accounts. What do, LL? What do?
  3. Weird grief or just a bug?

    The region has been restarted 3 times now and the problem just comes back every day. He's gotta be hacking it. He's trying to drive people out of the sim.
  4. Weird grief or just a bug?

    So we had a guy griefing our sim multiple times per day for near a week, and as soon as he stops people start randomly having their inventories fail where they can't add or remove anything, and they're invisible when they log in. Animations don't work in the sim and you can't change outfits. Getting 'your account is temporarily unavailable until...' when I try to log in while this goes on. Is it just coincidental timing, or is this some sort of griefing?
  5. Meant what I said, past experiences are why I made assumptions here. I took it the wrong way, as repeatedly addressing the unlikely speculations made me feel like I was defending my stance. Could have just made a huge post initially on why I determined that it could have been an actual hack, but it would have felt out of place as I wasn't really expecting people to question it because I'm absolutely retaaaarded. It all came out eventually though. I just edit the posts so I don't have to make a ton more posts because I never really gather everything I want to say at once. Just make the post and keep adding to it until I feel satisfied. 10/10 for going off topic. I'm so self-centered. And also very tired.
  6. Both were disabled, final answer lol. And that makes sense. Don't think someone would hack into SL for the sole purpose of showing off, but you never know how bored someone can get. Only other thing I see he could have used within reason is IP, and even then I figure it would be a pain in the ass to link that IP directly to me and not anyone else using it. BTW, he didn't get every name right apparently. But he always seemed very confident that he did despite their saying he didn't. Not sure if the people were just trying to conceal their info or if he actually messed up. And I didn't mean to go off, I'm just used to sharing my experiences and everyone deciding that it's a made up story because it's an uncommon or unlikely scenario.
  7. I was actually thinking about legally getting my first name changed anyways to bury 21 years of my addresses and family members and legal records etc. being stored in public databases. Hate those people search sites... drives me crazy that I'm listed there. Anyways I doubt he'll discuss it, as I asked before, either to keep other people from doing it or to keep it from getting patched because of snitches like me. That is, assuming there's not some other simple way he's doing it that makes sense.
  8. The thing is, I'm paranoid on the web, I don't give out any of my real or identifying info to any website or friend period unless legally bound to. Because you never know when things might go south.. If anything, I assumed that he would come up with the distorted spelling of my real name. I've been thinking on it and I just don't see where the connection to that info could have been in anything that I've done on Second Life other than my private payment/account info. I've been keeping my online interactions sterile for years now. My IP address might give away my address for someone experienced I guess, but there's 4 people living here and luck wouldn't cut it. And since my name doesn't connect to any of my online photos or things, it would be impossible to confirm any of those people as me. Not to mention that I never even noticed him pause or take his time throughout any of this that would suggest he did all of this for every single person. I mean to bring it up with LL support when I get the chance, just thought I'd share here til then.
  9. I thought you were talking about my phone number. Knowing my model of phone and cellular network isn't going to get anyone anywhere.... really? I have to go to sleep. Case closed. See ya.
  10. I get it, everyone thinks I'm an idiot and/or a liar. Progress cannot be made here. Case closed. Run along now. @Madelaine McMasters Sure that would be a great way to get my info, if my brother and two others weren't also living here. He'd just be picking a name and hoping to get lucky.
  11. I used four different search engines and this picture didn't turn up any results, so I'm having a hard time believing that, aside from common sense. My IP address doesn't connect to my name so that's off the list. All people there were regulars to the area, some were friends. I'd never seen the person there before. And that's by opinion, not by definition. But that's irrelevant anyways.
  12. I've reverse searched my images before, nothing comes up. But even then I don't have my real name spelled properly anywhere on the internet except for alongside payment information, as far as I'm aware. Some of the other people he demonstrated on didn't have images. I didn't click any links. He was able to provide the proper spelling for it, which really caught me off guard. I said nice guy to clarify that it wasn't being done with malicious intent, and I don't want him being banned over it.
  13. This ISP's service isn't registered under my name, my ISP is small and more local to the region. He wouldn't fill us on the details of how he was doing it unfortunately, so all I can do is guess.
  14. I was talking to a nice guy in Second Life and he was entertaining us with his abilities, saying he could get our real life names through a vulnerability in Second Life's voice feature. Sure enough, he delivered. He said that any time someone uses the feature he gets what he needs to get our real name. This is seriously concerning considering the only place my real name is entered is alongside my payment information. Does LL know about this vulnerability? Shouldn't everyone on Second Life know?