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  1. We r hiring hosts at Southern Country Club. we r lookin for reliable ppl to host for us. If u r interested, plz come by and grab an application from the box just inside the door to the right on the floor. u will get both dj and host applications. plz fill out the host application and turn in to a host manager tht is on line. Ty. And if u happen to DJ as well, plz fill it out and give to the DJ mngr. if a mngr is not ol, plz give to the GM. Ty.
  2. Southern Country Club is hiring hosts. We ask tht u b reliable. The money u make is urs, u will make 100% tips. If u need trainin, we will train u. We ask tht u b courteous to our other staff and our patrons. If u would like to fill out an application, they r in a box just inside the door, to the right. u will get both host and dj application, fill out the host only....unless u can dj as well then fill them both. Turn in all applications to a host mangr. ty
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