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  1. Do they just pick me & a few of my friends or is everyone getting ims from groups where a dude says "I saw you in this group" and you dont belong to that group and then he says "I saw you in this other group" then he asks personal questions including where I live even though I tell him not telling him that and he never asks my age even once. Is it possible this is a child predator if so how do I report that? or is it just a creeper who stalks everyone in sl, finds time to im them and makes up a group he belongs to as an excuse to talk to you? Is this a spammer or what? I am confused by it, I susect hes not just a random IM-er but I'm worried he has something unsavory in mind I mean just targetting girls whos profiles seem kinda youthful is that cuz hes after money or id theft. It just creeps me out and I wanted all of you to give me an opinion on how I should handle this? Sorry if it sounds confusing but not long it happened where he wouldnt go away with me, ,then a few of my friends, then a different guy with exactly the same questions and the same "I saw you in this group" line appears and bugs my friends in the amount of time I wasnt on sl. I dont know it just really freaked me out. I mean who says whats your address?! How many of you would say that to a stranger at all let alone one who you dont even know the age of? I find that really creepy. Sorry its just I never had something like this before.
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