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  1. Sorry I should have clarified, I had made an account a few months ago and posted regarding the acctual specifics regarding conducting interviews on Second Life in general and land ownership.
  2. Hello Second Life I recently posted here in regards to finding participants for a sociological study focusing on the relationship between the Second Life avatar and their offline identity. I am looking for Second Life citizens who are willing to participate in two interviews. The first interview will be a fully typed interview on Second Life, with 5 questions focusing on your approach to avatar creation. The second interview will be conducted at shortly after, using voice chat. These questions will focus more on yourself outside of Second Life, and your relationship with the site itself. I anticipate that these interviews will take less than 20 minutes to complete. The study is for the completion of a Masters of research in sociology. Participants will be given 1250 Linden Dollars (equivalent of £5) for their time, which will be payed directly to your avatar after the second interview is completed. I must stress that participants will remain anonymous and the study will not include any of your details including; avatar imagery, username, e-mail address or offline signifiers. Any help in finding people willing to help would be greatly appreciated. If you know of any groups/ places which would be likely to participate please let me know. If you are interested, please PM me. Thankyou.
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