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  1. Morning Y'all I need some assistance if you would with finding out how to download/install Black dragon! I've used firestorm past year or so....but the recent Animesh version kept crashing and affecting my computer and even the older version won't work fully now and I'm thinking its time for a change! I did a full recovery on my PC and every time I attempt to download Black Dragon it says Its extracting the files but when I click it - it gives me an error about not installed properly and etc.... I considered switching to SL viewer but I use RLV and need something that will work with it
  2. Tonight suddenly my ears on my avatar turned color almost like color of oil... I don't know how to adjust the graphics to fix this...please help https://gyazo.com/66bbdf39efee016070872a99777a72f3
  3. I've found recently - it's very difficult to hear people on voice! They sound muffled or distant and I've restarted my Game, cranked all my sounds up, everything but still haven't helped!! please need some advice
  4. I'm looking to find someone who'll do Custom Name sounds for me...Wanting to make Custom Name gestures and wanting to hire someone to help please I.M Me In game! thanks
  5. I have a friend who's also new to SL...If you don't mind Bisexuals He's a real sweet heart and a romantic
  6. Hello .... I'm an inexperienced submissive Fox, who's been looking for a master to own and tame her. I'm 27 Rl from Canada who wishes to find a Master to care for her, tame her and be loyal as she will serve only him. Looking for a soft Dom who is patient and will care for Fox...Please if one is out there come find me.. Thank you MsFoxy
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