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  1. I'll have to send you a picture of him :-) he's so cute and brindled.
  2. Hi Asuna, I'm Aaly, I'm also a recent transfer from IMVU to SL, and I have to agree so far I am loving it. My Hobbies are: > Drawing (mostly anime) > Gaming / Game Deving > Listing to Music > Role Playing > Cooking (love to cook ^^) I have a little chi-weenie named Brockie, he's my world. I call him my fur-child and he is 5! I hope to get to talk with you and maybe we can become friends in SL!
  3. I am going to have to check this Community out, I am looking for a place to call "home" and this community might have it.
  4. @Karluin MacMoragh thank you, I will definitely check the group out and stop by the "bookstore"
  5. Then Look No Further! Why? I am ExperiencedVoice Chat (Optional)On-Call Monday - SundayFlexible Hours :-) If you would like to meet up and talk with me please send me a message or note card in-game:-D
  6. Thanks for the answer to my question :-) That makes a lot of sense. Like I said I am new to SL but I have figured a lot of stuff out on my own now. Your answer really sums a lot up for me, thank you so much! I will make sure to message her in-world as well.
  7. Hi, not sure if you are still looking considering the post above, but if you are I am looking for a puppy/dog. Here is a little more about me! [CLiCK HERE]
  8. Hi, I won't lie your post caught me off guard and I had to check it out. :-) I have never thought about Roleplaying as a realistic animal before but it does sound interesting. I had a couple questions that I wanted to ask you. 1. I'm new to SL but not to roleplaying, how old of SL account are you wanting? 2. I am willing to buy a foal Avi and give this a try, I am looking at this one, what is the difference between this rigged mesh Avi and a bento Avi? If you don't know that's cool, just curious. 3. Lastly, would you be okay with my roleplaying as a human when you're not online?
  9. Hi! I'm Aaly. I'm new to SL but I am huge into kawaii things, and looking to meet some friends on SL that can encourage me to come online more often. I've bought some outfits and shapes and other things already but I'm still reading over the guidelines on how to use them properly. Maybe we can meet up and hang out sometimes :-)
  10. Hi Hi! I'm Aaly, I'm new to SL! (I have bought some stuff but still reading over the guidelines on how it all really functions) I'm very friendly, love to meet new people and I'm an absolute Nerdy Girl (and Yaoi Fan Girl! Eek!) Roleplay wise I'm a Greek-American / Asian-American (willing to change if I need to for a family) In real life I'm Greek (on my daddy's side) and Irish-Scottish-British (on my mother's side). What I am looking for: Bestie - someone who likes anime, adult swim, drawing, mangas, comics, and superheroes (oh, and cooking!) Friends - Roleplayers who like to live
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