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  1. @TatianaNikolay Thanks! I will take a look and see if there is any useful information there. @Chic Aeon Yeah I walked around a few of these male events, and a lot of the "products" offered are either shapes or accessories like necklaces and such. In my opinion, a shape isn't a product, but that's another topic altogether. I personally don't like the default look of Catwa heads, however the default look of LeLutka's male head is a solid starting point. I almost always use the included shape and make slight adjustments to it. I bought a few shapes in my early days on here, and I always ended up disappointed because they looked nothing like the picture. Skins are another thing that tend to look much better in the adverts than when you actually put them on. I learned this is mostly due to lighting and environment settings changes though. A little bit of photoshop editing also helps to cover up poor quality skins. Generally my rule of thumb now is that if it doesn't have a demo, I don't buy it. I believe that having a demo of your product available means that the developer is confident enough in their work, and knows that the quality will speak for itself. If they don't have a demo, I always think they are hiding behind something.
  2. After searching the marketplace and inworld stores for awhile, I've still been unable to find a look I'm 100% comfortable with. It's no secret that females have at least 10 times the amount of choices that men have when it comes to shopping, but here's what I have found so far... Head: Probably going to go with one of the Catwa heads, LeLutka head, or the LOGO head. Body: Leaning heavily towards SIgnature Gianni or Belleza Jake. Skin: Still have no idea yet. I was looking into Tableau Vivant, but I'm not sold yet. I prefer pale or light tones that have a smooth stomach. Most of the skins I come across have muscles or abs that I'm not a huge fan of. Might head over to Stray Dog next. Shape: I'm still confused as to what this actually does. When I buy a shape it seems like to does almost nothing to change my overall appearance. It will look really good in the advertisement, but when you actually put it on, it does not look anything like what was advertised. Beyond that, is there anything that you are paying for that you can't do yourself simply by messing with the shape sliders? Eyes & Hair: Any suggestions would be appreciated. Clothes: It's fairly easy to find good mesh clothes, but 99.99% of them seem to be different types of formal wear. Are there any stores that sell goth, punk, alternative clothing for males other than the few things I've seen at Razor, Rebellion, R3volt, FashionNatic, and Lapointe & Bastchild? Formal wear is nice, but if you are looking for good mesh clothes, that seems to be the only option males have. I've also spent some time browsing FlickR and different fashion blogs to get an idea for what I should buy. However, I have noticed an odd trend with almost all of them. They usually don't list the head, body, skin, and shape in their credits. The shape I can understand because it's probably custom, but is there a reason the head, body, and skin is not usually credited? I assume it's to prevent people from copying the exact look, but copying the exact look would make it easier to find a base that I can make changes to in order to make me look unique. Even stylecards usually fail to disclose everything, and the end result never looks like the advert.
  3. IMVU isn't completely dead, but yeah it's not what it used to be anymore. I was on IMVU way back in like 2008, and didn't migrate to SL until about 2013-2014 after all my friends already left for SL. It has an extremely steep learning curve to it, and that's what kept me from migrating earlier. Some basic suggestions I could give are... 1. Download a different viewer. The default viewer is complete garbage. I find it a lot easier to navigate a viewer like Firestorm. Spend a considerable amount of time familiarizing yourself with your viewer. Look around, click on stuff, see what it does. The more fond you become of the viewer, the easier things will be for you here. 2. Buy a mesh body & head. If you have a decent avatar and can spend a little money, invest in a body and head. While you're at it, look carefully at product descriptions and see if they mention your body or head of choice. Finding a decent body and head combination that has a lot of support behind it will save you from the headache of resizing stuff. Personal preferences of mine are... Male Body: Signature Gianni or Belleza Jake. Male Head: Catwa heads or LeLutka Andrea. Female Body: Maitreya Female Head: Catwa heads or LeLutka heads. 3. Spend some time watching tutorials. Learn how to get land, unpack stuff, and the basic controls. Spend some time fiddling around with them yourself, and try to teach yourself through trial and error.
  4. Hello there, I am looking for a builder who can build me a barn and a warehouse. I have drawn a quick floor plan for both buildings, but th floor plans do not include space for walls, doors, etc... so the flootprint should be slightly bigger than what I listed. The numbers on the floor plan are just telling you how much empty space the floor of each room should have. Barn http://imgur.com/a/ssmvO As you can see, it looks like a fairly simple build. Nothing too fancy here except th stalls. I don't know if it's possible to create good looking sculpt stalls, but if not they may need to be mesh. Also, the picture lists 2 green boxes and 2 red boxes. The green ones should be sliding double doors, and the red ones should be double doors that swing open. Exact proportions for each room may need to be adjusted if the doors look too small. Additional features I may want to include if you are capable of doing them include lighting on the ceilings and in each stall, door controls to grant access to certain people, and RLV scripting on each stall. Warehouse http://imgur.com/a/lKRtZ Once again, this is a simple build since there is nothing but big open spaces. The only thing I ask is that you try your best with the texturing to make it look right. I have included a picture down below that will show you how I want the walk in cooler to look. Barn and Warehouse outside refrence http://imgur.com/8ojMoQ5 You can completely ignore the windows and door style, but this will give you an idea for what I want the outside to look like. I want the corrugated metal sides with this style of roof on both the barn and the warehouse. Walk in cooler refrence http://imgur.com/a/udCYs Notice the shiny walls and fans. You can also add a few more things inside like piping,, containers, etc.. but make sure all that can be unlnked if necessary without leaving behind shadows or messing up existing textures. IIf you need more information, please contact me in world. I would also like to get a quote on the price and see examples of work you already done. Thanks!
  5. Anyone know where I can find a 64x64 platform with about 1000-2000 prims?
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