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  1. LOL, weirdly enough, I found this in the marketplace just minutes after posting above! It's pre-loaded with moves, but easy to add others! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Martial-arts-HUD/7723429
  2. Many thanks for the helpful reply! I'll experiment with the firestorm AO to begin with I had the idea that there might be a customizable HUD (with a 'button interface') where I could possibly pair the animations with existing buttons and start/stop them that way, but haven't been able to find anything like that in the marketplace. Thanks again!
  3. Hi all Sorry in advance for the newbie question - I'd like to be able to trigger a set of animations (that I've collected in my inventory) individually via a HUD. Can anyone offer advice on the process and required product(s) (eg a customizable HUD) to do this, or point me to a tutorial? The animations are mostly a series of martial arts moves that I'd like to be able to trigger easily during roleplay - just for effect rather than as part of a combat 'system.' I have an AO for regular movement etc, but just want to be able to load a HUD for the combat animations occassionally. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
  4. I guess it depends on the look you're after. I use Cherry Bombs (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Cherry-Bombs/6082425) on my Slink hourglass and Belleza Freya. They're certainly the best I've tried. Work flawlessly with Omega and Lolas appliers and have (IMO) a more natural look than some of the more balloon-like mesh breasts out there. If you join the group and buy at the in-world store, there's a discount on the price too.
  5. Thanks for the 'supernatural' pointer - after reading, I had to try it out. The shine is really good, definitely the best I've seen and I'll use it on one of my costumes. I couldn't get a shine match with my cherry bombs mesh breasts, so I'll revert to the oil set I used before when I'm using them (Bimba body oil https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bimba-Body-Oil/8851316). One thing, I had difficulty replacing the supernatural with the Bimba initially (the supernatural seemed to 'stick' to the tattoo layer when I tried applying Bimba again). Logging out and back in seemed to sort the issue, though. Also, on the higher supernatural settings, it was really obvious where the oil stopped at the neck - I guess that's unavoidable, but it would be nice if there was some way to 'fade' the oil effect towards the neck so that the line wasn't quite as unnatural looking. Thaks so much for the product pointer - I love the effect
  6. @Asia Ristow: Thanks so much, that's really very helpful. I'll check out their stores inworld (btw, I found your regeneration blog very helpful too, thanks ) @Alwin Alcott: I've generally found that people's answers on the forums are more informed, balanced and helpful than reviews in the marketplace. With obvious exceptions, of course
  7. Hello! Can anyone recommend a decent omega applier to simulate body oil? Reviews for the products I've browsed seem to be mixed, so I thought I'd ask here. Thank you :)
  8. Mesh Body Addicts have a list of the Bento heads currently available, along with some reviews: http://meshbodyaddicts.com/mesh-head-reviews/bento-mesh-heads/
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