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  1. ...disregard this, the sandbox I was in had scripting disabled and I didn't realize it. Oops.
  2. Long story short, I got some new prim boots that go up higher than the shoes I had been wearing previously. Got done chatting with some friends, pour into a sandbox server to update my avatar after shopping, and equip my Kemono HUD to make it so that the legs don't clip with my new boots- except the HUD is completely unresponsive now. Read through the manual, tried setting my Object Detail to High instead of Medium since the slider wasn't number based, and that didn't fix anything. Tried relogging, didn't fix anything. Unboxed a vanilla copy and even then the HUD is completely unresponsive (Even when using a fresh copy of the Kemono Body itself as well). Tried unapplying and re-applying my alpha layer, tried starting over from scratch with a new avatar- anything I tried, the HUD is simply fully unresponsive. I'm using Kemono 1.9, with the M3 anime head also from Utilizator. I really don't know what else I can try, so now I'm here. Any help? If I'm unable to hide portions of the mesh like this indefinitely I'll never be able to make any major changes to my Kemono avatar's outfits. Just got done writing this and went back to my viewer to realize that not only is the Kemono body HUD not working, neither is the M3 HUD for the anime head, nor the HUD for my AO.
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