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  1. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: If what you want is sold on the Marketplace, then select "Add to Cart as a Gift" on the right hand side of the product description. Thank you, I thought I saw that before. I was going to send them the demo to try on first but the demo version does not have that option. I see it is there on the actual item.
  2. Yeah I should know this by now, but how do I buy something for someone? Seems kind of silly that a pair of shoes would be "no transfer" (no copy I can understand) but I guess creators are worried about resellers? Anyway I swear in the marketplace I saw a way to buy something and have it delivered to another persons account. Now that I want to do that I can't find that option.
  3. Thank you everyone for the suggestions. Last night I was playing around with Firestorm and found a setting that shows the avatar complexity of all the avitars on screen. Mine was far from the highest out of the dozzen or so around me. I am just going to keep it the way I like it.
  4. Pixieplumb Flanagan wrote: From the picture in your profile (OMG - I remember getting, what was it, credits or rewards or something from other avis!!) maybe head over to the Free Dove and pick up a bunch of new skins and some clothes and hair. You should be able to find styles that are similar to your original avatar's appearance. Oh yeah that old pic with the scoreing and the system hair... This is what I look like now. You can't see it well but there is a flexi ponytail My dress is only a couple years old, but I guess I am still wearing my siver hoops I think I got on my first day here.
  5. So I am back on SL again, having come and gone a few times since 2004! :smileysurprised: Anyway so much has changed and I am so far behind. Consider probably 99% of my inventory predates mesh and most of that even predats flexies. :smileyembarrassed: I keep seeing this message about my avitar complexity being high. My current outfit (I rarely change outfits) My dress is a mesh I think. The rest of my clothes, boots, stockings, etcc. are "standard". I wear flexi hair I use a Vista AO My skin is as old as I am. I do not want to change my look so a new skin or avitar would have to be nearly identical. What would be the best way to "update" my avitar or does it really matter?
  6. For future reference in case anyone else has the same issue, as I did the other day. (My AO quit working everywhere) Fly straight up, usually around 200 meters or so your AO and other scripts will reset and reload.
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