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  1. I already understood a little, I need a sim fast in performance. Please tell me where can I find a sim on which there are few lags? thank
  2. Hello! I find Full sim / Skill gaming for rent with 30 000 prims, but can not find it.
  3. If I put the script with my invisible prim, let's say, the user will still be able to copy this script into his inventory and then put this script into his object. At the same time, the script will not know whether it is in its object or not, if you do not use, for example, the set/get description of the script itself (API not allowed this, as far as I know).
  4. Script should manage its lifetime even after rebooting or moving to another prim
  5. But it not my object. User can be place my script in other object. And i can not use any text fields of not my prim. And i can not change script text filds, as far as I know
  6. Thanks for answers! I thought it really wasn’t necessary. I am looking for different ways to do one task. I need to make such a script, which after purchase is deleted after a day, for example. At the same time, restarting this script should not affect its lifetime. I think that without the server side this is not done. I need to save the "Avatar UUID" + "Script UDID" + "Timestamp of first state_entry" params on the server, and manage the lifetime through requests to the server, but the Script UDID changes every time the script is reloaded. Therefore, I do not know how to make a script that lives during the day. I also tried to save some information in the script description programmatically, but the API does not allow this. That is my task is to make a temporary script that does not depend on the reset of scripts in prim. Thank!
  7. Hello! Does anyone know how to programmatically create a scripts with a different source code inside. For example, create 100 scripts in a loop and declare variables in each of the scripts: integer i = 0; integer i = 1; integer i = 2; ... integer i = 99; That is, in each generated script, its own variable will be declared and initialised. And to do all this with a single script programmatically.
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