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  1. I am so disgusted at the grief that is caused by sim owners and their friends which they put on the sim to check people out and if you say one word wrong or stick up for yourself they get rid of you this is maily American Sim owners and they are discriinating against other cultures and people who they do not understand.
  2. I am getting really fed up with sim owners especially one called Skinny Dip Inn which insists on having a group of people on the sim that cause drama and then upset new people and people that have just gone their. The soul cause is to ban them when they get hurt and lash out. I am sick of the way people act in sl and I think its about time Lindens took the bull by the horns and sorted this awful mess out its has totally put me off SL and I will now be closing down my account as I feel so upset that people cause others bullying and hurt in order to make themselves look better its totally disgusting and hurtful. Thanks
  3. I want to lodge a complaint to Lindens about the consistent problem I am having around Nude sims I am being targeted because I was banned from a sim which is called The Naked Sim which is a naked sailing sim and people seem to be following me around to other nude sims and causing victimiation around the Christmas period of which I have found very upsetting as a woman I think this is totally disgusting and that women in SL should be protected more I have also known a few people that have left because of this problem and it is not new peopel it is people that have been in the game for many years and that are doing this on purpose to hurt good kind people as they are teaching them a lesson and I want lindens to take action as I am now thinking of leaving the game becuase of this horrid treatment. Lindens should be policing sims that are a problem i.e. nude and sex sims.
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