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  1. I mean, yea, that was a given, but thats not what I was asking. I was asking what makes a Mesh body's Shape. Because all mesh body ends up being sized differently if maxed out.
  2. Sooooo.... This has me stumped. you guys know how different avatars have different shapes, and everything is different? Im not talking about how everyone has different shapes, but how different Avatar mesh bodies, Can only have a certain range of shape, to it. And how others either are close and similar, or completely and utterly different. I've been trying to make a small Avatar I got Taller. Taller than 4feet and 80 Inches. And... the only Way I was able to do it, was using shapes made for other avatars. The difference is very.. very little though. The maximum I was able to go to with other shapes, was 4'96''. So... What makes a shape, the shape it is. Or, is there a script in something, that divides your shape by X so you're not freakishly tall, or freakishly tiny? Or is it something else?
  3. Yea, I mean those, The breasts. I wanted to be classy and not.. like.. Be straight to the point hahahaha. Rei's stuff, and etc.
  4. As title suggest, Im basically wondering which Chest add-on would be the wisest for me to invest in. I know theres Rei's Stuff, Anti-gravity Chest and.. Torso Fitted? But yea. I was going to ask you guys, the community if you had any idea of which you most commonly saw!
  5. Soooo.... yea.. While My previous problem is getting slowly resolved in a couple days to see if I can buy L$ With fund in my paypal account and not use my bank account.. I have a long lost account with a bunch of stuff... I don't wanna lose it. All I remember is a nickname. I don't remember its Username nor its e-mails. (I made so many when I was younger) Is there any way I can contact Actual Linden Research support and see if we can find it via previous usernames? I remember one or two... but thats all... Two people tried to help me. This is a new computer. The HDD Died on my previous comp. This is a new one.. so... I have -one- Account, but it doesn'T have anything on it. So finding passwords in my chrome password history, and Viewer history won't work. As well as looking for an email and hope for a lucky guess... *sighs*
  6. Well, my title explains it all. I jsut made my account, I linked a paypal to it. Is the newborn state of my account the reason I can't purchase Linden? I had to make it because I can't dig up the email I used for my account like.... 2, 3 to 4 years ago or so... And I can't remember anything other than one Nickname I had Before... But.. thats just it. A nickname, not my username. I had a bunch of stuff though... blah...
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