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  1. I buy a catwa mesh head and a maityana body. I go to a skin store and they have a skin for the head by itself. Catwa applier. Ok where in the heck is the body skin? I get demo for head seems to work ok. I search for long time fine a room in store that says "classic bodies." I get the demo and its lips only! For 1,500 lindens. What? I could not find a body skin demo anywhere in store. I don't get it. Make up and head only stores? For thousands of lindens? 

  2. I rented some land yesterday and every time I land on my land this ad /teleport pop up happens. It's a teleport to some store.

    It says place profile at top. 

    I returned all items on my land in case they left something behind so that's not it.

    I contacted land owner they have no idea what it is.

    Anyone have an idea how I could get rid of it? It is annoying.

    I went to the spam store and owner is offline.


  3. When I started I did it for free. I used the free version of FRAPS to capture the raw footage. Free means you have the fraps watermark on the video in a corner I believe. Then I used the free Movie Maker that comes with windows to do the editing. At the time, I had pro tools on my computer because I also wrote music and so had that available to do the sound track to movies. 


    If you search on Movie Maker on a windows computer, you should find it on your hard drive. Now I use the paid version of fraps, so no water mark, to do all of my capturing, and I do all my sound and editing on Sony Vegas. My computer that had pro tools on it crashed so I don't have that anymore but Sony Vegas seems to be ok to do the sound too though it's not as good as pro tools. 


    Movie example:





    The drag with the free Movie Maker that comes with windows is when I used it it had no abilty to crop the images. Maybe they have made it better in windows 10? So when I did it whatever I captured was pretty much what I ended up with in the finished movie. 

  4. I used to use it but forgot name for it. It lets you play games including second life through them and in sl lets yu play at highest grapics no matter how bad your computer is.

    I started making sl youtube movies again and need better graphic than my old computer can do!

    I think the left pic was filmed through this web site and right is just my old computer.


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