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  1. Well, let me see if I can offer more detail. The items rezzed include a Tree House, a dragon plushie, and a television. Though their initial position was an entirely different sim, and they were lost over a year ago. Now, they just appeared after the stray piece appeared, even though it's an entirely different batch of land. And even though said items are in his inventory now, they claim the owner is the one who owns the land we rented out.
  2. While decorating our home in the Vulkan Paradise sim, I was walking through the house and came across a random, stray tile on the floor that, once clicked, rezzed an item he owned, along with some items inside that he had previously lost. Though this is not bad persay, it could be in other circumstances, and I'd like to know if this has happened to anyone else, and if there may be some available explanation as to why this happened. Note that I only left this in Land because I'm unsure if it's the land or not, given that neither of us have been there before, and I wouldn't know where to put it otherwise.
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