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  1. I am giving classes in photoshop, it will include teaching you to texture a template inside photoshop, we will be making an outfit, it will not be a mesh outfit. But I can also walk you through setting your textures in appliers if needed. We will also cover how to add layers, how to make your trim on your clothing pop to where it stands out, instead of blending in. You will get some textures and some templates to work with, it will all come in your kit you recieve when you sign up for the class. The Clsses are on video and you can purchase your kit for the class. here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Novi/30/19/1002 After you purchase your kit you will need to send me an email address so I can email the links to you. These videos are set to private and can only be watched if I send you a link through your email.
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