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  1. Yeah I'm pretty familiar with the "Mesh platforms aren't interchangeable" so I'm just using a kemono body with items designed for that. On their own everything fits and I have a full body alpha already in place to not have to deal with the default bodies clipping or showing. The main issue is that on their own the boots and pants look just fine. They even sit well together except towards the bottom. Because of the shape of the pants they stick out from the heel to the ankle which is the clipping issue that's occurring. I figure in a sense this is one of the risks of dealing with mesh clothing but if I could alter the shape of the bottom or make it invisible to "tuck it in" to the boot then it would all be great. Is there any way to do this? I presume I could possibly edit the texture of the item to make that part textureless rather than using an alpha for the same effect?
  2. Hello, I have ran into an issue with some avatar items I bought that are mesh. I'm kinda new to actually using mesh items and the pants and boots clip. I can't seem to actually alter the shapes of mesh items I buy using the edit menu so I figured why not use an alpha layer? I've made the alpha itself, got it all set up as it should be, but I don't know if this is just a lack of knowledge on alphas or if what I'm trying to do is impossible. Effectively I'm trying to apply an alpha layer which will render the part of the pants that's clipping into the boots invisible but adding the alpha doesn't do anything. Is there a way to layer the alpha onto or over the mesh pants so that it makes it partially invisible? If not, is there any ways to edit them I'm not seeing? I'm a bit of a nitpicker so I really want this all to look nice and uniform! Thank you for reading.
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