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  1. I have been contacted by 4 cities that are currently being reviewed for the best option so if you are reading this and you are in need of a experienced chief, now is your time to apply for it as it will not be long before I have to decide on what city I settle with. Along with myself as Chief I bring a mixed group of staff around 6-10 people and all the units that we need.
  2. Afternoon all. My name is Thomas (Theo RL) I have worked several years on SL as a deputy fire chief, often in command of the special operations unit and with some time as administrative officers aswell, I have also spend a lot of time in the SLCG as a rescue swimmer. My real life resume is as a fire captain, currently of a USAR unit, earlier on I worked with both CBRN/HAZMAT and a regular engine company. I am currently seeking employment on SL with any given realistic fire department in a loving and active RP town. The position I seek is around the captain- battalion c
  3. Evening. I am looking for a active family RP, and when I say active I do not only mean people are online but that people are actually interacting with each other. I do not want to rent straight away I wish to work for some time first to see the community, possibly as a police officer or firefighter. And then il try to start a family and settle down. Do anyone know of a large good active community that dosent require rent to work? Please let me know.
  4. West Metro Fire Rescue is committed to providing emergency services to protect the lives, property, and environment of our community. Our department does this by valuing professional excellence, health and safety, diversity, teamwork and shared leadership, effective communication, integrity, community service and involvement, and innovation. These values are important to our employees as well as those we seek to hire. Check us out at WestMetroFD.weebly.com! Or come visit us in world! We are always ready for a chat and a tour
  5. The West Metro Fire Rescue is hireing for the Saratoga district, covering 3 sims with high realisme RP. When you join West Metro Fire Rescue you are greeted by some of the most skilled firefighters on SL to help shape you into a great member of our family. Our core members are either real life firefighters or medical workers but we do accept people without real life experience if they are open minded and ready to learn You will be given all the equipment free and you can go on duty when you wish as we have both european and american crews, meaning that our station is manned 24 hours a day 7 da
  6. So, I am back after 4 months in Africa, had to make a new user as my old had been hacked meanwhile and did not trust me informations to it anymore. Regardless I am seeking a professional and active police department in a good roleplay city where people respect the PD but there still is a good amount of work to do. A bit about myself I am 20 years old and a lieutenant (unit officer) at my local fire department currently assigned to a ladder unit. I am active everyday and has all the equipment required for a PO. I have been accepted for the police academy in 2018 and has already done several tou
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