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  1. I have a MAC 10 that was entirely free with a script that does exactly that, but any attempts to create a similar script without the other functions (shooting, extending a stock, etc.) have come up with a syntax error. So no, I won't have to pay thousands of lindens for some script kiddie to write me a script. The script I'm referencing holds up the weapon at shoulder level and plays a sound when rezzed/equipped. It keeps that pose in third person (non-mouseview) no matter what you do, and uses animations to do so. I'm not familiar enough with scripting to create something similar, and any attempts have borne no fruit.
  2. I need to know how to how to write a script that will play a sound and hold an idle animation upon rezzing an object. If I may also ask, is there a script combination that will rez multiple object attached to the player and then play a sound upon touching another object? I ask that because I have a multi-part avatar I'm working on and I'd like it to work that way (wear one part of it, touch it, and then rez the other parts). If the latter is not possible, that's fine, but I need the first one desparately.
  3. I'm a complete newbie to scripting, and I need to know how to make a script that will play an animation and hold it until derez as well as play a sound on rez once for a cosmetic version of a weapon I've put together. I've got the animation and the sound, and a basic understanding of what I need to make this work (I think): Playsound, playanimation, and on_rez. The problem is since I don't know anything about scripting, I"m not sure how to insert the first two into an on_Rez script. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
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