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  1. Greetings, I use the firestorm viewer and I seen a lot of my inventory is gone. I changed to the alchemy viewer ( not a big fan of it) and got the new mesh head, the viewer doesn't show it on alchemy, but on firestorm its fine. I would like to stay in firestorm and also tried everything with my inventory but nothing helped. I would always have to changed viewers just to work on an outfit, wich is pretty annoying. If you have any ideas how I could fix the firestorm viewer I would be more than thankful. Thank you already ViolaMoonlight
  2. Half of my inventory just dissapeared, lost a lot of clothes and rare's, is there a chance of getting it back? And what happend to my inventory? If I can't get it back, are the Lindens also gone? Sure would be such a waste...
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