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  1. Hello, I Am Alexis and I have experinced In Being a Dj and a Performer and I will be willing to Work here and u can dm Me anytime if u would like to hire me and i hope your having a happy thanksgiving and I rlly need the money for my avi and get started bc i have 0 Linden Lol.if you dont want to hire me that will be okay but if u r willing to hire please dm whenever u get a chance and Have a great night, Byeeee.
  2. Heyy Im here for an Application and i will be willing to start any day u want me to and i am a great dancer and i need to make money so i can get some stuff uk and just hmu if your willing to give me an application because i will be ready anytime. Btw i love your club and I hope ur having a wonderful Thanksgiving and dm me anytime if u want to give me an apllication bc i will be on Sl today and 2moro and if u r not wiling to give me an appication that will be okay and I am Alexis and u can dm if u need more questions. Thank You, Byeee:heart:
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