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  1. lol.. I'll tell him to be sure to duck Thank you all for your responses. I doubt they'd do so either. Easy if we had the ability to do some editing like make a wall phantom. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thought of switching to one of the houses, but guessing the doors are the same on all the linden homes. Again, thank you! Mystic
  2. Hi! Wondering if there is any way at all for the doors on the houseboats to be made so anyone can go through? First time I've run into a friend that has height at 100 and legs at 100 not able to get through a door in all my years in SL TY! Mystic
  3. Returning to SL and I went with the system avi as I like to customize my avi as I want etc. Anyways, for whatever reason, there is what looks like black eyeliner around the eyes. It's not a tattoo layer or anything. It's like a default. I can't find any way to get rid of it. Putting make up tattoo's over it still shows the shadow of it beneath. Added a gyazo picture link so you can see. I've tried different skins as well and it's still there. Would love to get rid of it. Just can't figure out how. https://gyazo.com/ef6245a141ad32da68a7352f0a7d54ca Thanks! Mystic
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