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  1. Most of your arguments are juvenile indeed and most of what you say is making the excuse that Second Life is just a game and you can do and behave as you will. We are just pixels without rights?.... or feelings?.... According to you we dont laugh and cry and give our hearts and soul to our partners......yes we are just pixels. And what exactly am I stirring up....I have been insulted by degraded person who happens to own a skybox club, hiding behind a pixel avatar just as you are with your inane opinions on what is right and wrong in Second Life...its the end of this discussion for me but I will always make my feelings known regardless of receiving threats from people like yourself in our virtual world.
  2. Maybe I should walk away and forgo the principals my parents taught me as I grew up. Racial Intolerance surely cannot be considered Roleplay however hard we try to justify it. Roleplay is surely something we submit too and participate in willingly. If all can be interpreted as Roleplay why are we presented with the T.O.S. at all. Must I now accept the policies and principals of Apartheid South Africa?. We are a mixed race couple who have been racially insulted in a public place in Second Life. Our human rights were withdrawn when we were told we could not dance together in a public place. I respect those that say that I should walk away and smile at this racial intolerance and that I must accept the fact that other people no doubt will receive the same insults that we did. Of course we will never go to the club again but I would like however a private response from Linden Lab saying that the actions by the owner of the club were not contrary to the Terms of Service, and that similiar racially segregated beaches would also be accptable under the present rules.
  3. This is a genuine request for help and understanding. I entered an Adult Club with my boyfriend and within a few minutes I was told I could not dance with him because he was white and he must leave. The club apparently had a sign in the foyer banning non-black males. I submitted a ticket to Linden Lab asking for clarification and whether this action by the club was contrary to the Linden Lab Terms of Service. I have not received a reply after submitting two tickets. My boyfriend and I were greatly offended and I ask if such an action by the club is considered to be Roleplay and that their action is not against the Terms of Service set down for us all to follow. I have been told that I should should not cause trouble and that it happens all over Second Life. If this is true then I would apologise and I would have to accept the situation if I were to continue in Second Life.
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