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  1. I "submit a ticket" for support, but nothing yet after 4 days. At least it seems I ain't the only.
  2. I got this in my billing information: Recurring Mainland Fees (up to 1024 meters): $7 But I DO NOT OWN land and I ain't premium member. How can it be? I want a refund Linden Lab! Paypal is not helping me.
  3. I found a couppon that offers a 50% off by upgrading to premium account. It says is valid until march 31th, 2017 but the second life site is not letting me use it. Why is it? Here´s the link https://www.coupons.com/coupon-codes/second-life/?cid=76072_2&pos=1&ccti=e4b1ce71cbdd4ddbbfc45c758fd5ea7f&lbox=2 *ANSWERED I missed the Premium offers of january... About couppon, well i never take them. I was just wanting the real deal. Never share my info account or anything, just wanting to hear the words: "yes, is a genuine offer" although it was pretty obvious it wasn't. tyall.
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