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  1. Thank you all. I tried , like the directions at the bottom said, to drag a file ( a screen shot) but apparently I can't or it won't. But to be honest it would take too many screenshots. I think one of my problems is if I can't find something I unpack it again. I have folders and folders with same name. Finding stuff is a pain. I have dance animations that I can never find. I wish when unpacking things you could change the name of the folder and where it's put. Be that as it may mesh and alpha are starting to make sense. I guess I'm used to layers. You have a skin. That includes your head and feet and hands. If you want to change shape either buy a new skin or suck it up. Your skin is your face / eyes / boobs / butt. About the only thing to add besides clothes is the hair. That was then... I still don't get appliers or why it makes a difference where things are attached. They just are. Put 'em on and go. That's another puzzle. But at least I have some answers so far. Thank you one and all. F
  2. I know this is a terribly noobish question but I don't understand and you all seem to. I have a mesh skin (I think so anyway), but what is shape? Why would I need it if I have a skin already. What is this Omega that is hogging part of my screen? Is it really necessary. I can never find anything in my inventory so I unpackage a lot. I'm up to 9500 items in inventory. Putting things in a safe place is just one more place to try and find. If I could put it on my hard drive that would help. This is a start of my confusion. What I need is Avatars 1010 class... Or something. Sorry but I"m having a meltdown at the moment. I managed to turn my head into a grey blob , face with no features. Ugly American
  3. Fabuluz

    Age Verification

    3 weeks ago I returned to SL. Since then I've spent money, upgraded to Premium, purchased anything I wanted. Adult , General - all of it. Several days ago I chose one of the free houses given when upgrading to Premium. Since then I can't purchase any Adult items. If it's the region rating then can I give the house back and start over? If this is about verifying age, why did that suddenly become an issue? I'm in my 30's. That should be enough for Adult matter. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.
  4. One other thing. Support is very hard to find. forums and discussions are available but it's taken me days to find anyone. I tried the Live Chat and that isn't even working. I'm starting to feel unwanted. I've spent money here and even got a Premium. Doesn't seem to have helped me.
  5. Didn't work for me. The only options I get are General, General Moderate, General Moderate Adult. Seems I should have Adult. And in fact I did for the past 3 weeks. I purchased anything I wanted. Now I'm restricted. My hunch is house. When I upgraded to Premium I was given a choice on a free house. Every since then I've been down graded in maturity. If the house is the reason then I should get rid of it.
  6. Let's take a deep breath and slow your roll. First and foremost I've never been a Premium member. You all may be assuming since my account started over 6 years ago that I was. I started the account yes 6 years ago. Spent the first 2 days not even making it to a help area. I had worked on making a decent looking avatar. After 2 days what I was left with was a very large amount of frustration and half my avatar had disappeared. Since I wasn't making any progress, hadn't even got in the door I figured "Who needs this?" My take on Second Life is still, things are made unnecessarily difficult. The number of decisions, the minutia of needless detail to wade through I think makes this program less desirable. People want to do stuff when they get here. Instead they find out there's a steep learning curve. Look, I don't wish to build the highway, I would just like to have it there when I need it. Alpha, mesh, AO, physics and the laughable amounts of linden needed all appear unnecessary. And please, no more lectures about "They have to make a living" Umm - no kidding. . So, yes my account started over 7 years ago. I never did apply, ask or want a Premium. That's just not checking facts. As for the part timer and the grumpy customer service rep. if that's an example of the best you can do, personalize and get snarky you apparently are not able to differentiate company and individual. I put the address in my message because after hours trying to figure out how to contact SL I had no clue how you might respond or if you would. Instead of the "Ha ha look what you did to yourself. Not as smart as you think are ya". If you knew you would be printing that address it would have been prudent to take care of the customer. Apparently you were in a different mode. An attempt to embarrass as well as teach a lesson. You did the opposite, confirmed what I suspected.
  7. You had a special the other day to upgrade to Premium membership. The special was for paying quarterly. No special for monthly or yearly was offered. The savings were considerable. Quarterly you quoted a price of 11. 75 or approximately. It was a savings of about 30 dollars. Now I find out you changed the price on me. Added 10 dollars to each quarter. That's unacceptable. I know you expect me to make payments to you by due date. I expect of you to honor the agreement we had and go back to the original quarterly cost you offered. We've only been doing business for a short time. I hate to think we're going to get off on the wrong foot with each other. This isn't so much about the money,that's only part. If I can't trust you and not pull a shell game on me, that's just bad business. I would hate to think that's how you treat your customers. I would like for you to fix this billing error, honor the contract we had with each other so we can move forward. Game name is Fabuluz. email is binsPlace@gmail.com. I would expect to hear from you withing 7 days. Shouldn't take a big outfit like SL too long to clear up this matter.
  8. This is a little but here goes. I have the same problem. What I've been trying to do was like you said, Select a different avatart. Problem, where is this so called chooser you spoke of. And if you send me an ingame message be aware, I have no club how to find those
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