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  1. Hi, after playing a whole day at the machines in some games room, I asked to log and when I logged in would not allow me to enter because the linden has banned my main avatar with my other two avatars that do not use. > The only steps that I have done in my time in sl were to play the machines and a request to open a game room in which I completed and signed a form for LL. I was all very strange and surreal because I loaded the game for real money, the account I have a considerable amount and they are a premium member.
  2. too have been banned without reason from linden. I only asked to open a game room, I was a premium member and played the maccinette .. I had many lind in my avatar and now ?? is all very unfair, is not correct.
  3. I am premium but being banned, I can not to log into the site and speak from vivo..ho already 'created ticket and they told me that I have violated the tos.
  4. have been banned from linden but I can not understand why .. I did not accept money from anyone, I only played the machines and I did request to open a game room.
  5. Hi, I need to understand the reason for my ban .. I requested to open a game room and while I played the machines winning lind and soon after I was no longer 'permission to enter .. I still have the premium account .. I would still have intentions to invest in your game because I find it very interesting and fun
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