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  1. good answer i will o it
  2.  i search for script to be add to those three colors prims , for example the red prim when i click on it play google site on the big screen behind it , the green play youtube on the screen so i want to make button for eah site and it plays on the screen who can do it
  3.  hi i made 1 mesh objects with 8 faces , i wonder if some profesional script make script so when someone click on any side of this 8 buttons he can get object i offer for sale. foe example if button number 1 contains object 1 with pricr 4 l , button 8 contains object 8 with price 6 , when someone click on the face 1 p pay 4 l and get object 1 and click on button 8 to pay price 6 get object 8
  4. so the only way to upload mesh files is by visa [ayment or paypal ?
  5. can i use lininds as Payment method so i upload mesh files i want to upload mesh files and this requires visa i earn lindins in sl can i buy by lindins and upload my mesh files instead of using visa ?
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